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What is Ulcerative Colitis

Ulcerative colitis is a disease that affects around 120,000 people in the UK and causes inflammation of the large intestine - or colon. Symptoms vary in severity from pain and discomfort, through mucous in the stools to in the most severe cases blood in the stools see the Colitis Symptoms page for more information. It is generally diagnosed by inspection of the colon by a hospital consultant - a colonoscopy.

The underlying cause of ulcerative colitis is still not known - though the disease is associated with dysfunction of the immune system. In the disease the body's own T-cells attack the lining of the bowel - and hence cause it to be inflamed. The body's immune system then takes this inflammation to be a further sign of infection - increasing the immune response - in a vicious cycle. This situation is what people would term a flare-up.

Ulcerative colitis is treated using a variety of medications designed to either directly reduce the inflammation - such as steroids - or to reduce the immune response such a immunomodulators.

Colitis Information Sheets

We have a number of information sheets on the information page.

Ulcerative Colitis Forum

The forum is the hub of the web site. In it you will find 500 fellow sufferers and usually someone will be able to answer your question - or provide you with support. The forum also has a powerful search facility that allows you to find information on specific topics.
Please visit the Colitis Forum to see more.

Facebook Group

Summer 2008 saw the launch of our facebook group. This is now growing steadily and gives a social space for colitis sufferers. As most people are diagnosed in their mid 20s there are a large number of younger people in this group.

Colitis Charter

In November we launched the 10 point colitis charter. Please read more details of it on the colitis charter page ...

Please also ran a petition - with over 2,000 signatures - for more information see -


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