Information for those with Ulcerative Colitis

Links Between Alcohol Intake and the likelihood of relapse

Recent research performed by S L Jowett, C J Seal, M S Pearce, E Phillips, W Gregory, J R Barton and M R Welfare has shown that there would appear to be a link between relapse in ulcerative colitis and alcohol intake.

Details of the paper can be found at

Of the people monitored those with a daily alcohol intake of 2 or more units per day were found to be more likely to relapse than those with an intake of 1 unit or less per day. The effects of even moderately higher alcohol intake were roughly shown to double the chance of relapse.

Based upon this research it would therefore seem sensible for those with colitis to reduce their consumption of alcohol as far as is possible - preferably down to the equivalent of about one glass of wine per day.

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