I am sooooo tired!?

Use this forum to share your experiences of changes to lifestyle and diet. Have you found anything that helped your colitis ? Have you tried low residue diets or increasing your water intake ?
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I am sooooo tired!?

Post by Chelsea92 »

Hi to anyone who has time to read this :-)

I was just wondering if anyone is as tired as me ....and if you have anything that makes you feel better ?

I was first diagnosed in 2011 - I currently take 8 pentasa tablets per day (not sure how many mg that is - you think I would by now). I know fatigue is normal but lately omg I can't function I'm so exhausted - I have recently moved out (i.e don't have my mam doing everything for me lol) so I don't know whether the real world is just a shock to the system or what haha. I work full time as a dental nurse and most days lately as soon as I wake up I feel like I could go back to bed and sleep all day, mid morning and into the afternoon I could fall asleep standing up (hasn't happened yet!) - my eye lids are so heavy and I literally feel like I have zero energy. I never have missed work due to my colitis - bar hospital appointments as I feel like people at work don't really understand and don't see this condition as anything more than an excuse kind of thing.

Sorry for rambling - just wanted absolutely anyyyyy advice on how to feel more awake !!! I went to my GP for a blood test to check B12 etc and apparently they are fine....

Thanks so much in advance!

Chelsea :-) x

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Re: I am sooooo tired!?

Post by Squiggle »

Hi Chelsea92

Sorry to hear that you are feeling so tired. I always find it hard that no-one else really understands the fatigue.

It would be worth checking whether you are heading for a flare, as (despite my recommendation below) I still find that this completely exhausts me.

A couple of years ago I asked one of the IBD Nurses at the hospital if there were any supplements that I could take to help with the overwhelming tiredness when I am not flaring - I was so exhausted that I found any days out were inevitably followed by a day in bed to recover. Whilst nice enough, her curt reply was "No, you don't need anything - you can get all the vitamins and minerals you need from a balanced diet".

Thankfully I have a friend who is very knowledgeable about complementary medicine and she recommended trying Co-Enzyme Q10 - it's available in various strengths from most health food shops. I decided to buy a bottle of tablets and see how I felt at the end. Anyway, I decided it was worthwhile buying a repeat and I've been taking 100mg each day ever since and whilst I don't think I'd manage to do the London Marathon, those good and bad days are nearly a thing of the past - I do find that there comes a point every few weeks when I need to put my feet up for the afternoon. A small price to pay for feeling more energetic.

Good luck
Squiggle x

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Re: I am sooooo tired!?

Post by beanybow1 »

Hi Squiggle,
Sorry to hear about your tiredness - its really hard to get people to understand I know - people just cant imagine how it feels. I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue 3 years ago but have just had a bad flare up and a new diagnosis 2 days ago of Colitis. Though I had kind of IBS symptoms for a few years before . What this means I don't know except that I really do know , maybe the colitis was causing the fatigue all along ? anyway my advice is make sure you rest as much as you need and make sure it is really "high quality rest" - Quiet room, comfy bed, calm things to listen too ( I swear by audiobooks) . Keep a record of how much you are able to do comfortably and don't overdo it unless you really really have to. Be polite but firm with people who don't understand. Another thing I have found that can make you tired is depression so just check in case that is happening - if its depression you will feel bad even while resting - if its fatigue you will feel " oh brilliant I can have a nice rest"
Best of luck

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Re: I am sooooo tired!?

Post by wooly-bobs »

It goes with the condition I'm afraid. I carried on like that for years pushing myself and pushing myself to the point where I had nothing left to heal after surgery.

Nobody understands just how knackered you feel, no amount of sleep will help, it changes only on how active your disease is.

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I am sooooo tired

Post by Henrywaw »

My antibodies are over 1300.
All else normal.
I am tired of being tired, and nauseated and this lump
I work in the health field and STILL no one has the right answers.
I am at a loss.
I am off soy it is in everything
I am off gluten.
No sugars/flour.
Otherwise very healthy 56 yr old.
ANy help out there?
What about gluthathion cream, i am reading about?


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