In remission for almost 2 years!

Use this forum to share your experiences of changes to lifestyle and diet. Have you found anything that helped your colitis ? Have you tried low residue diets or increasing your water intake ?
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In remission for almost 2 years!

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Note: Please don't come off meds without consulting dr.
Well I haven't visited this site in quite a while now but there was a time I was here every day, just looking for a glimmer of hope that things may get better.
I wanted to share my experience in the hope that it may help someone else out there.
Brief history, diagnosed in 2009, constant flares, couldn't eat, go to work, take kids to school etc. Only thing that helped was a high dose of Prednisolone after trying lots of other meds which didn't work at all. Spent 2 years on steroids, put on 3 stone, skin was awful, usual side effects.
I decided I couldn't (and shouldn't according to my consultant) stay on steroids forever so I looked for alternatives. I started the SCD diet. Yes it was a very slow process, about 6 weeks on chicken broth and home made yogurt. gradually I began to reduce my steroids (got to admit this caused its own problems, although it was a slow withdrawal (1/4 tablet less per 2 weeks) I had severe withdrawal symptoms, such bad leg pain, I ended up on crutches for 3 weeks!) but it did pass.
Anyway I gradually added cooked veggies and followed the book. Slowly, (very slowly) I began to get better, to the point where I started to eat 'non SCD' foods (like biscuits!). As soon as I did this, I regressed slightly, so I thought I would try gluten free biscuits seeing as that seemed to be my downfall. Gradually I added other gluten free items to my diet, with no side effects! It probably took about 2-3 years to get to a good point, but looking back it has been worth every minute.
Anyway on to today. I eat a normal gluten free diet, no more chicken broth. I'm on no meds. I've managed a 10 hour flight to the states (which I honestly thought I would never be able to manage) I returned to work, I even got a dog because I could actually go on a walk and not worry about needing the toilet.
I still have the odd flare, but nothing major and its usually because I've eaten something I shouldn't have. I really hope this can help somebody and may provide just a little hope because I know I needed that when I was at rock bottom. Please feel free to message me if you want more details. Good luck to all of you

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In remission for almost 2 years

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Well done on making it three years that is an amzing achievement. Stay strong you can beat these urges

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