what I found works for me quite well

Use this forum to share your experiences of changes to lifestyle and diet. Have you found anything that helped your colitis ? Have you tried low residue diets or increasing your water intake ?
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what I found works for me quite well

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Hi, I got diagnosed with colitis in its early stages...just because of one reason. My dad has it and so I grew up having total acceptance of the disease with no embarassment. So when I started to have symptoms I went straight to the doctors. It was confirmed in 1992.
Dad found that stress, diet and smoking had a major effect on colitis. Steroids had little or no beneficial effect as did the low fibre diet. He went to a homeopathic doctor who was also a GP who promptly turned Dads diet upside down. put simply, dad started on a high fibre diet with no cow products at all. After I had suffered colitis in ever worsening degrees over the next few years after my initial diagnosis, I decided to give Dads diet a go. I went to see the homeopathic quack and he suggested that it seemed obvious that what was causing my colitis may well have been the same cause as my fathers and therefore what would improve it could be to follow the same diet. Put simply, it works. Soya milk, no tobacco, alcohol in moderation ( never enough to be tipsy)no cow products at all, lots of fruit and vegetables with a little bit of protein. Heavy on the veg ,light on the meat.
Since then i found that sheep and goats cheese in moderation has no effect, protein in large quantities ( like a barbeque) is lethal but is ok in smaller quantities ( like fish and chips). I also found that a little cows milk is ok ( like when someone gives me a cup of tea with milk in it). I drink coffee just on saturday and sunday mornings and drink tea only when visiting people ( in order to be polite). Daily drinks are instant hot chocolate( yes with cows milk powder in it but it doesnt have any effect)once a day and for the remainder of the day, berry tea (which has no actual "tea" in it) or water.
For years now, I have taken one 400 mg asacol a day every morning and i have to go to the loo 3 times before I am "on an even keel" Once when I get out of bed, once 40 minutes after my morning bowl of cerials and soya milk and then once about 30 minutes after that. Then I am sorted for the rest of the working day until about 6pm. Sometimes I have to go just before bed time which will mean one less visit on the following morning. Asacol has a side effect of making me want to go to the loo but the anti-inflamatory part seems to work ok.
I know that I am very fortunate that my father has the disease because it sort of gave me a running start on dealing with colitis. I very occasionally revert to the odd day where the bowel activity is just once or twice, to be honest its annoying because it reminds me what normal can be but I realise that I am still very fortunate not to have a bag or to continue with 20 to 30 visits of peeing through my bum as someone on this forum so aptly put it.
What works for me and my Dad might not work for anyone else, in which case I am truly sorry but if it works for just one person , it is worth me writing isn't it?
Oh..... by the way. in emergencies during flare ups, we knock the blighters on the head by drinking only water, and eating only baked potatoes and baked apples. absolutely no additives at all, no sugar or salt or vegetable oil. I havent had a flare up in so many years but this diet worked for me if I ate it for every single meal for a week. I used to mix the potato and apple together so that the potato wasn't so dry and unappetizing. I would also save the crispy potato skin till last.

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Re: what I found works for me quite well

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I am interested in your asacol dose which works exactly the same for me. My colitis nurse told me that was normal in the morning.
I like your wine dosage 'never enough to be tipsy' - same for me. My mother was a heavy smoker and I think she suffered from colitis (though never said) However she didn't eat much meat, but i do currently and it doesn't seem to affect me too much ; neither does milk or coffee. I drink red bush tea.
I am currently enjoying a remission, helped I think as I mentioned in another post, by cinnamon.

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