Aymes powder

Use this forum to share your experiences of changes to lifestyle and diet. Have you found anything that helped your colitis ? Have you tried low residue diets or increasing your water intake ?
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Aymes powder

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Anyone tried this? I was a bit worried as complan doesn't usually do well for me and it says in the info :

AYMES® Shake sweet flavours provides a nutritionally balanced (1.6kcal/ml), milkshake-style sip feed when reconstituted with whole milk. It is presented in a powder format, based on skimmed milk powder with added carbohydrate, fat, vitamins and minerals.

I'm concerned about the skimmed milk part as dairy, refined sugar and wheat generally don't agree with me either.

When are they going to cure this damn disease? I hear loads of stuff about worms and poop tablets but it seems the research just blends into the background of obscurity again until some other news story comes along, like living on bananas etc. :no:

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