I've been fine since September 16

Use this forum to share your experiences of changes to lifestyle and diet. Have you found anything that helped your colitis ? Have you tried low residue diets or increasing your water intake ?
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I've been fine since September 16

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Just thought I'd mention this to everyone, I'm now medication free with not much in the way of UC symptoms. I was diagnosed in 2011 so I've spent a few years trying to figure things out and experimenting with different diets. It's now pretty basic; I avoid wheat, dairy, high sugar, red meat, rough food like cabbage/kale and caffeine. I also drink ginger tea and occasionally have food with turmeric, ginger tea seems to work very well though. I cut up ginger root then boil it and add honey to take the edge off and that seems to have made all the difference for me. As aforesaid, I've had this since 2011 so tried every diet like SCD etc and read lots of stuff on the net, but this is the only thing which seems to have actually worked so I thought I'd add my 2p if anyone wanted to give it a try. The trick is in the ginger tea from cut up ginger root, what have you got to lose? It's worked for me since September 16. Hope you're all able to get better as this is a debilitating disease.

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Re: I've been fine since September 16

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Hi, great to read a success story. Im new to this as I was only diagnosed this year. I was very ill before I had my colonoscopy but have done tonnes of research. I 1st started with l-glutamine which has seemed to keep it from getting worse and I am much better now but have found it difficult.
I refused steroids and meds as I was well enough to try natural first. I have tried a few different things remedy wise but after maxing out on research I feel I am on the road to healing.
Firstly I started on the scd diet which helped but I think the only problem with it is the nutrients you lack from restricting. I bought a juicer and instantly got my stools to a normal once a day perfect state. I think fibre is very important as well as cutting out carbs,sugars,lactose,etc.

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