Newbie pred foam help

Use this to discuss your experiences of medications. Have you tried any of the new medications like colazine or remicade ? How did you find them ? Have you found some medications worked far better for you than others ?
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Newbie pred foam help

Post by Wolves47 » Fri Mar 10, 2017 11:29 am

Hi all hope your ok

Am experiencing my first ever flare over the day two and a half weeks was initially told to double up my pentasa suppositories 1g but this didn't help still having bloody diarrhoea 8-10 x per day so I was prescribed pred foam yesterday 20mg I was elated as I heard this can work quite quickly. Went through the procedure last night but I never felt any sensation of any foam entering the rectum to realise I'd not shaken the canister at all!!!!
I'm so depressed again this morning so was wondering if any one whose used this can give me some help? Does anyone think any of the foam went up there? Should I have started again? I was too scared to try again invade it was dangerous?

Thanks in advance

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