Newly diognosed

Use this forum for anything else colitis related. Strugling with the disease on a day to day basis - then somebody may be able to help you. Looking for some information - each topic in these forums are viewed by hundreds of other sufferers who may be able to help.
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Newly diognosed

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Good morning,

I was diagnosed with ulceractive colitis last week, I had never heard of it before, I've just found this forum and think I will be using it a fair bit, I'm waiting for my IBD nurse to get back to me and a follow up appointment with a physician, I've been prescribed pentasa and an enema, they should be available to me in the next 24 hours.

The condition is now really affecting my life, I can visit the toilet up to 15 times per day at the moment, that wasn't to bad while I was off work for 2 weeks but It is starting to affect my job, I work as a guard on the railway.

I just wanted to pop a post on here to say hi, and no doubt in the future will be using this forum for advice.

Kind regards


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Re: Newly diognosed

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sorry to hear you've been diagnosed, but glad you've found the forum. You may want to post under "coping with colitis" on future posts, as that's the one most people look at.
Hopefully you'll start settling down now you are on treatment. Make sure you chase up your consultant its important you get seen, and get the best treatment for you.

EX UC sufferer,surgery on 1 March 2012!!! Marvin (Stoma) became my life enhancer.

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