First time in hospital immense pain without suitable pain relief

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First time in hospital immense pain without suitable pain relief

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Sorry, just joined - currently in hospital for the first time, been here for a few days

I have had UC for 11 years, a d this is my first time inside.

From 8am to 2pm today I was only offered paracetamol and buscapan yet I was curled up on the hospital bed, complaining about the pain, and asking for more relief. I also was buzzing every 20mins, yet was simply told "the doctor has been informed". I didn't really realise what had happened until tonight and now I am very confused.

When asked to rate my pain I said it was around a "7" ... On my night of admission I was giving a rating of 8 and they gave me morphine.

Anyone had a similar experience? I wrote down a retrospective time breakdown of the day. I think I asked for additional pain relief around 15-20 times through buzzing the nurses. Happy to share the timeline if someone has advice.

Sorry if this is not an appropriate post. I was not sure where else to turn, or sure if I have made my point clearly above

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