Really worried, id appreciate some thoughts please..

Are you considering surgery ? Have you had surgery ? Trying to cope with colostomy ? Share your experience with others here.
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Re: Really worried, id appreciate some thoughts please..

Post by rogalin47 » Sun Jul 31, 2016 6:32 pm

:lol: perish the thought :lol:

21 years of evil UC over on 6th April 2013, welcome to Norman the stoma whose given me my life back!!

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Re: Really worried, id appreciate some thoughts please..

Post by capricorn20 » Sun Nov 19, 2017 10:49 pm

Hi there
I'm writing to you after seeing your initial post on this forum, as my son who is 36 has to make exactly the same decision as you, over the next couple of months.
Having suffered with UC since his early 20s he now has been diagnosed with low grade dysplasia in the colon and has been given the same advice by his specialist - ie: complete removal of the colon in order to ensure he never gets cancer and of course to rid him of the UC, which incidentally has always responded well to treatment. At the moment my son is fit and healthy, with few symptoms and realises that this major surgery (possibly 2 or even 3 ops) will set him back considerably, at least for a while.
Obviously he is shocked and confused, as like you, he thought it would be possible simply to remove the offending cells and the job would be done. He now has to decide whether to go for this surgery and then will need to choose either to have an internal pouch or live with an ileostomy for the rest of his life. Rather a stark choice at his age.
I am keen to know what you decided to do and how you are progressing, as it is now over a year since your first post so I am assuming that things have moved on for you.
I do hope you are doing well and that whatever you decided to do at that time has had a successful outcome.
Any comments or advice would be very welcome.
Many thanks.

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