Stoma working but very painful

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Stoma working but very painful

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Considering I have had numerous blockages over the years most of which I ended up in hospital with you would think I should have some idea what is currently going on with my stoma right now.....but I dont!

Yesterday evening my tummy behind my stoma started to feel tender and overnight then became swollen and painful, my stoma is also swollen and has retracted slightly. (I do have a hernia behind it which is symptom free) BUT, and this is the strange thing, my stoma is still producing output as normal. I rang my stoma clinic at lunchtime and was told the nurse would ring me back shortly, so far I've heard nothing. It's been 24 hours now and I'm still in a lot of discomfort and with a very swollen tum, I don't want to go shooting off to A&E because I don't think I have a full on blockage as I'm still outputting but something is not right. Any ideas? I've done all the usual, hot bath, hot peppermint tea, gentle walking and massaging around my stoma.....did this very gently as it's sooooo sore.

Obviously if it's no better tomorrow i will seek further advice but I do feel a bit of a fraud due to the normal output in getting. Just wondered if any of my very knowledgeable friends on here had any thoughts/ideas on the above

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