Aching joints

Nearly three out of four ulcerative colitis (UC) sufferers (73 percent) responding to a new nationwide survey say not feeling well has become a normal part of life. Furthermore, they describe UC as disruptive when it comes to their relationship with a spouse (64 percent), their sexual relations (75 percent) and their emotional state (82 percent).
How do you cope with colitis ? Are you struggling with the emotional effects ? Even if a problem shared isn't a problem halved it may help to discuss it with people in the same situation.

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Aching joints

Postby cja272 » Thu Oct 05, 2017 1:29 pm

Hi everyone , I have Ulcerative Colitis for around 10 years now , a few bad flares and 1 hospital stay over the last 10 years , however been in remission for about a year now.
Now I seem to be suffering from aching joints , knees , my back and shoulders particular bad,, seems a lot worse first thing in the morning when I first get out of bed , then gets a little better slowly as I get moving.
Then when I'm at work ( I have to stand for 9 hours a day) it slowly gets worse to the point where my back especially hurting to the point where I cant wait to sit down.
Even when I'm in bed my knees have like a dull ache all night.
Nothing seems to be swollen its just hurting which seems to be getting slowly worse .
I have heard that it can be linked to my UC ?

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Re: Aching joints

Postby rogalin47 » Fri Oct 06, 2017 7:47 pm

You are quite correct, it can indeed be linked to uc. I have uc related inflammatory arthritis and even tho I have had a colectomy i still suffer from pretty horrendous joint pain.

Because both conditions are classed as auto immune a lot of the meds used to treat uc are also prescribed for the arthritis and will work to ease the symptoms for both conditions. One word of warning, don't take anti inflammatory pain killers such as ibuprofen as these can aggravate the bowel and you could find yourself dealing with a flare up of your uc as well.

I would recommend you request a referral to a rheumatologist asap. Don't suffer in silence!
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Re: Aching joints

Postby cja272 » Sun Oct 08, 2017 4:49 pm

Hi , Thanks for the reply ,
ive got my 6 monthly hospital check up in 2 weeks I will discuss this with my specialist and see where I go from there

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