Expired meds

Nearly three out of four ulcerative colitis (UC) sufferers (73 percent) responding to a new nationwide survey say not feeling well has become a normal part of life. Furthermore, they describe UC as disruptive when it comes to their relationship with a spouse (64 percent), their sexual relations (75 percent) and their emotional state (82 percent).
How do you cope with colitis ? Are you struggling with the emotional effects ? Even if a problem shared isn't a problem halved it may help to discuss it with people in the same situation.
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Expired meds

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Hi guys

I have been in remission for the last 3 years. But over the last couple of weeks, its all started to go a bit wrong again! I now have the worst flare up that I can recollect. The blood is literally running out of me.
I have some Pentasa mesalazine enemas, but they have expired by 12 months.
Does anyone know if it is safe to use? I'd like to get something happening before next week, when I get get to the GP.

Thanks in advance.


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