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colitis is not always a chronic illness

Posted: Sun Feb 16, 2020 2:53 am
by minnieandhammy
I don't know if my experience of colitis was unusual but I was a well person then suddenly developed one rapid severe episode of colitis at 28 which became so bad I had to be admitted to hospital as an an emergency, have a blood transfusion, IV drugs which didn't work and 2 weeks after being diagnosed with colitis while practically dying in hospital and not even ever having heard of an ileostomy I was given a colectomy and ileostomy. I am now 47 and due to a failed pouch 10 years ago I still have an ileostomy. I am potentially awaiting a redo pouch which I hope will work. it has been very hard living with a stoma given the circumstances and my battle with colitis has been about living with a stoma out of the blue. It is weird because I was not a chronically ill person before getting the stoma. I was acutely ill out of the blue for about 2 months.