Are there any experts on the Forum

On 26th November we launched a petition on No 10 Downing St for the colitis charter.
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Hilary Margaret
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Are there any experts on the Forum

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I wonder if there are any experts out there who could actually input and advise us sufferers on the right course of action. It is of course great to share experiences and support each other, but if there was some practical medical advice as well it would be so helpful. The Crohns and Colitis site does have experts opinion and reports.

Does anyone agree with me? Love to hear from you.

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Re: Are there any experts on the Forum

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I think it would be wonderful to have experts on here, on the strict understanding that any advice they offer is advice only and all sufferers must seek appropriate medical advice. I would hate for an expert to be held accountable for anything they said on here, not being able to examine the posters.

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