Ulcerative Colitis Charter

On 26th November we launched a petition on No 10 Downing St for the colitis charter.
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Re: Ulcerative Colitis Charter

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Id like UC to be more accknowledged as my daughter was diagnosed last june and has, i would say been predjudised by her employers because of the time she had to have off work. No one who isnt affected by this illness realises how dabilitating it can be.I dont suffer from it personally but believe i do go through the suffering and more so the worry of this illness with her.My daughter is 23years old ,was last year in hospital with dehydration and although we have specialists regarding UC i do think local gps are a little ignorant towards this illness. This year my daughter is pregnant , a reasonably good pregnancy when only a minor flare up at the beginning so i find she has been lucky, however i work in maternity and i have seen the after affects aswell as the before.UC is as dabilitating as diabetes , asthma however employers seem to accept these illnesses.Well done fore petitioning Downing Street.

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Re: Ulcerative Colitis Charter

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I was refused incontinence pants by the district nurses, even though I was referred by my gp and consultant. I didn't fit there criteria. Wonder how the charter will effect this in future

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Re: Ulcerative Colitis Charter

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Hi Folks,

FYI - There is now a new petition on -


More details on the info page -

http://www.ulcerativecolitis.org.uk/col ... tition.htm

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Ulcerative Colitis Charter

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Hi all- I just had a hysterectomy for treatment of stage 1a1 microinvasive endocervical adenocarcinoma and my doctor has mentioned several times that my ulcerative colitis could have played a part in my diagnosis. I also have HPV. He has mentioned that the immune suppression could be causing the HPV and the UC and that the constant inflammation from the UC could have been a factor in the cervical cancer. Has anyone else had this convo or have any experience with UC and cervical cancer?

I’m wondering what other tissues Could be effected by the same factors.


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