10 wks pregnant and bad flare up

Being pregnant is a big undertaking for anyone. For someone with colitis it is probably a time of great concern.
Having said that many people with colitis have had quite normal pregnancies. Others have struggled. Please use this area to share your experiences or ask for advice.
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10 wks pregnant and bad flare up

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Hi there im new to this but would really appreciate any kind of help or feedback from anyone in my similar situation. Im currently 10 weeks pregnant and i was told straight away to stop taking my usual medication for UC which was mesalazine and azathioprine, after just a couple of weeks i got a flare up and im still suffering now from it. The dr has put me on steroids prednisolone but its not doing anything to help its actually making me worse. I wish i could carry on taking my mesalazine but the dr said they are very bad for the baby, im worried that i dont have any more options, im in alot of pain at the moment and cant bare to think this will get worse. Can anybody advise please? Xx

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Re: 10 wks pregnant and bad flare up

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Hi it might be worth asking to try a steroid called clipper it's just one tablet a day it worked better for me than Prednisone

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10 wks pregnant and bad flare up

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Just an update. OB has me one the progesterone 2x daily and we are checking my levels again. Now my hGC is more than double the upper limit of normal. Ultrasound on Wed.


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