Information for those with Ulcerative Colitis

The Effects of De-hydration on Ulcerative Colitis

De-hydration can have a major impact on Ulcerative Colitis (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) for the following two reasons

  • The colon is responsible for extracting the water from digested food
  • Sufferers of colitis commonly have diarrhea

This means that care should be taken to ensure sufficient water is taken - especially when the colitis is active. The are two guides to ensuring that you are taking in enough water.

  • Drink 2 liters of water each day (not including tea/coffee and fizzy drinks)
  • If your urine is yellow rather than clear you are probably de-hydrated and should consider increasing your water intake.

Alcohol is also best avoided - especially in excess. Wine and spirits in particular will often lead to de-hydration.


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