Information for those with Ulcerative Colitis

Food Supplements for Ulcerative Colitis

We have teamed up with Holland and Barrett to provide a source of good quality and relatively inexpensive supplements suitable for those with ulcerative colitis. The prices include free delivery to the UK for orders over 30.
The supplements that have been chosen meet two criteria

  • There is substantial evidence that they are beneficial
  • They are considered to be safe - and in particular don't interfere with colitis medication or liver function
Complete B Vitamin B Complex-250 Tablets

Vitamin B and folic acid both tend to be deficient in people suffering from ulcerative colitis. This is mainly due to poor absorption. Folic acid is also important as research suggests that it reduces the risk of bowel cancer.


Calcium (600mg) plus Vitamin D (3g) Tablets-250 Tablets600

If you are currently taking oral steroids then it is wise to use a calcium supplement to help prevent osteoporosis.


Chelated Zinc Tablets (25mg)-250 Tablets 25mg Zinc is very important in regulating the immune system with deficiency being relatively common. Research has again indicated that it might be helpful for colitis
Omega 3 Fish Oil Concentrate Capsules (1000mg)-100 Capsules 1000mg In trials large doses of fish oil have been found to produce a very beneficial effect on colitis. The dose required is about 5g of EPA and DHA per day. This equates to approximately 15 capsules.
Ultra Maximum Probiotic Acidophilus Capsules-60 Capsules

Evidence is now growing that high strength probiotics are helpful for colitis. In the US it is becoming more common for medical doctors to routinely recommend them. Each capsule contains 20 Billion bacteria - the equivalent of 3 bottles of Yakult.


Aloe Vera Tablets (20,000mg)-90 Caplets 20000mg

Aloe vera has been tested in clinical trials where again the results look very hopeful.




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